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Patient Survey

Melbourne House Surgery Patient Survey Report June 2018



  Surveys distributed to those attending the surgery in the month of June

  • Available at reception and distributed at consultations

  • 148 completed surveys returned during the month

  • Surveys marked to differentiate between those given out at doctor, nurse or other appointments



Access generally positive:

    • 84% of respondents had an appointment the first day they tried

    • 69% happy with the time of appointment

    • 85% seeing doctor/nurse of choice

    • 86% felt reception were helpful, only 1 respondent feeling service was unsatisfactory from them

  • Appointments:

    • 45% wanted no change to booking system

    • 45% opted for a reduction in pre-bookable slot availability to 2w not 4w which was surprising

    • Only one respondent unsatisfied with opening hours

    • Only three unsatisfied with waiting room comfort

    • 7% unsatisfied with privacy at front desk – note signage now displaying

    • 23% not made aware of delay when booking – possible reflection of electronic system but message to be reinforced to staff

  • Waiting times

    • 62% seen on time

    • 10% waiting over 20 minutes

  • Satisfaction with consultation very good; no respondents felt unsatisfied in the survey, either with doctor or nurse

  • Still significant numbers of patients unaware of online services

  • Written feedback largely positive, with some comments around access and time pressures to be mindful of.

National Patient Experience Survey

Data from the above has also been reviewed.  It is a smaller response rate of 87 out of 283 surveys sent but also will include people who potentially have not attended on a given day which may be of value in terms of fully assessing access.

  • Above national and CCG average for satisfaction with appointment times
  • 90% of patients had trust and confidence in the HCP they saw at last visit which is high although a little under local average

  • 91% felt their needs were met at their last visit which is high although again slightly under average.

  • Some answers conflicting with in-house survey – eg 48% on national survey reporting seeing GP of choice compared to 85% on the in-house survey.

  • On the whole the figures were largely in line with local and national averages which was seen as satisfactory, especially in the context of a disrupted year with Dr Booth snr being absent.

  • National GP Survey 2018


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